When the time comes to implement a will or a trust, we are here to counsel you through the process. We have served as counsel to hundreds of estate executors and trustees, providing support from the probate of a will, to statutory notices, Pennsylvania inheritance tax, disclaimers, and the distribution of estate and trust assets.

Most estates and trusts are concluded amicably by agreement with beneficiaries and interested parties. If that is not the case, we are experienced in appropriate court proceeding and can see you through disputes that may arise.

Estate and Trust Litigation

Unlike most attorneys practicing estate and trust law, we are also experienced in the litigation of estate and trust disputes in the Orphans’ Courts of Pennsylvania, as well as the Surrogate Courts of New Jersey. Such disputes include matters of

  • undue influence and will disputes
  • mishandling of powers of attorney
  • beneficiary distributions and actions of executors and trustees
  • charitable gift and distribution issues
  • guardianship and incapacitated persons
  • fee and commission issues